Our Story

The AdAstra story began when founder, Katriona Shrives realised that life should be filled with adventure. She quit her job in Mobile Tech, and jumped on the next flight to Colombia where she spent nine months discovering hidden gems and meeting the incredible locals. While there, she started to wonder how she could keep on adventuring.


One of Kat's greatest passions is to bring people together and share experiences and adventures with them. As she started to do this more and more in the incredible places she had found in Colombia, she wondered if it could be done on a larger scale.

Drawing on more than a decade of traveling experience and knowledge, Kat creates adventures to far flung locations, and takes you to places that are truly unique, and off-the-beaten-track. She always aims to work with local families and businesses who really understand the country, and to create memorable adventures that push you to the limit and challenge your comfort zone in all the best ways.


Although she loves an adventure, she also appreciates a little luxury in life. On many of the trips you’ll get special touches, like a private chef, or a masseuse to rub those muscles at the end of a long day, so that you can fully enjoy the adventure!

She is passionate about getting more people adventuring and experiencing the true wonders this world has to offer. Now with 6 years running AdAstra she is delighted to have a group of clients who return year after year to discover new corners of the world.

Meet our Founder

Katriona Shrives

Adventurer, Polo Player & entrepreneur   

Katriona was riding before she could walk and found her passion for polo when she was 17. Since then she has been around the world in search of incredible places to ride and play polo.  These adventures have taken her to India, Outer Mongolia, New Zealand, Colombia, and across Europe and Nepal, to name a few. Her passion for riding, adventure and travel has led her to discover some of the most incredible places across the globe. In 2012 she began to take groups to experience these adventures with her. This was the start of AdAstra.

Since starting AdAstra a love for hiking has been rekindled and the hiking trips are some of her best trips to take people on. 


The relationships she has built with local families have given her the ability to take groups to destinations off the tourist trail and immerse them into the culture of the country. You’ll be sure to get the 5* treatment with local hospitality. 


She loves getting to know everyone in the group, what makes them tick, and ensuring that they have the holiday they’ve been dreaming of.