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AdAstra means 'to the stars' and we firmly believe that life is about the journey, not just the destination. All our adventure holidays have been designed with this philosophy in mind.

Our mission is to find extraordinary adventures that will give you a totally unique experience. We limit the number of tours we do each year so we can focus on you and your satisfaction, ensuring you get the adventure of a lifetime.

 If you are new to AdAstra then have a look around the website and feel free to drop us an email or pick up the phone as we are here to make your adventure holiday dreams a reality.

So jump in and let's start adventuring!

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The AdAstra Difference 

The AdAstra Scale 

We created the 'AdAstra Scale' to show how difficult a challenge is, the kind of kit you might need for that challenge, and the preparation you may want to do before undertaking the challenge.  

A Community of


AdAstra is a community of adventurers, sharing tips, tricks, and experiences, so that you can get more out of every adventure.  

We feature guest adventurers on our blog and sometimes, they'll even join us on one of our adventures!  


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Destinations Far From the Tourist Trail

For years, we have been exploring and understanding the countries we travel to, finding hidden treasures, and building relationships with local families and businesses so that we can create unique adventures, full of authentic charm. 


We may be ordinary people, but we go on  extraordinary adventures. 

Immersion Into Local Culture

The only way to truly appreciate a country, is to understand the local people and their culture. This is hard to do in a short  time, and impossible to do when surrounded by other tourists.


We have been building relationships with people in the countries we travel to, for years. This way, we can bring you to the heart of a destination, and connect you with the people living there.

Adventure Created by Adventurers

We believe in a life more adventurous. The AdAstra Team ventured off the beaten path, escaped the 'norm', and went in search of adventures that got the heart pumping, the mind wandering, and opened the eyes. 

We also believe that there is always space for a little luxury. Look out for the sprinkling of stardust in all of our adventures. 

One Star

One star indicates an entry level adventure - something you could take on by yourself or with a group of friends. 


This type of adventure is great for adding a little more adventure into your day-to-day life! 

Two Stars

Two Stars indicate a greater challenge - you may want to train or research before embarking on this level of adventure.

These are great to get your stamina up and push yourself to a new level.

Three Stars


You wouldn't want to take on a Three Star adventure alone -training and kit are necessary  before you attempt these challenges.


These adventures are a great goal to work toward, or for the experienced adventurer.

Four Stars

A Four Star adventure is the most extreme - think climbing Mt Everest, navigating yourself through Mongolia, or rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. 

These are epic adventures and not for the faint of heart!