The Indian Marwari Horses

January 7, 2018


There are three predominant breeds of Indian horses in northwest India namely the Marwari, Kathiawadi and Sindhi. The Marwar region of Rajasthan has been the home of the MARWARI breed. The Kathiawadi comes from the desert tract of the neighboring state Gujrat called Kathiawar. Most areas where the SINDHI breeds are found have now gone in the SINDH province of Pakistan. On this safari you will get to ride on Marwari horses.


Marwari horses were traditionally used as war horse and then later for endurance. Today they are only kept with local breeders and for the sole purpose or riding. 




These horse are the only breed in the world with inward turning ears, their closet relatives are hot blooded Arabic horses.  These horses are highly intelligent and very quick to respond, This means they can be quite fiery but very faithful companion, 


They are also the horses that we ride on our Indian Riding Adventure. Join us this 2018 and discover the joy of the Indian Marwari Horses for yourself!





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