The Colombian Criollo Horse

January 5, 2018



The Colombian Criollo Horse's are indigenous to Colombia and are more commonly referred to as the Colombian Paso Fino horse or Colombian Walking Horse. They are distinguished for their firth gate, which is a smooth, lateral, four-beat gait. In fact, this is why the horse is called the Colombian Paso Fino, which literally means "fine step." This smooth gait and fluid movement ensures a comfortable ride for its rider. 


The firth gate is very beautiful to watch and listen to. Around Colombia there are shows where the horses perform this step on wooden floors almost like tap dancers. They have also been cross bred into other breeds to produce polo ponies and trekking ponies.


The Colombian Criollo is a lively horse, but it is also known for its gentle nature. This horse also has great vigour or "brio" and a great willingness to obey commands. They are sure footed and perfect for getting you over different trails while out trekking. 


 The Colombian Criollo is part of the larger Paso Fino breed, which is a descendant of the Spanish Jennet. However, due to various crossbreeding and outbreeding attempts -- especially with Canadian pacers and trotters which were transported to the West Indies during the heyday of the sugar plantations -- the modern Colombian Criollo retains little of its Andalusian ancestry.


The exact year or date when this fine-gaited breed came to be established in Colombia remains undetermined. However, the Colombian Criollo is still deemed to be more elegant and nobler in appearance than other Paso Fino horses because of its fine movements. In fact, it is one of the great prides for the Colombian people.


On our Colombian Riding Adventure we head out to a Criollo Farm and learn even more about the history and future of these fantastic horses. Some of the riding horses on the trek are also Criollo Horses. 


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