Colombia where the Adventure Began!

February 2, 2016

There were many reasons for my first trip to Colombia, but the main one was to escape the routine of my 9-5 in London and a future of white picket fences and cake sales. It’s not to say I don’t want the husband, the children a few goats, because I do, but first I want to create a story of my adventures and achievements which I can be proud to share with my children.


Colombia has a past that no one can deny, but its story is changing for the better. On my first trip I was going to meet my oldest friend, we had been on many an a adventure and she was exactly the girl I needed to shake things up and bring me back to life.


Colombia has a certain way of grasping your attention, awakening your senses and drawing you into its beauty, diversity and charm. Bogota is in the heart of the country, in the North is the Caribbean Coast and the Sierra Nevada mountain range, to the west is the Pacific coast the South is the Amazon and above Bogota is the Coffee region. With so much to explore and with each area giving such different adventures this country was like a treasure map with natures treasure at the end of every route.


As soon as you spot Bogota from the plane you can’t help but notice the mountains that surround and protect the capital. They provide a point of reference when you are lost and comfort from the sometimes-harsh city. They also provide my favorite morning escape when you climb through the forest to the top to look over Bogota from the piece and tranquility of the mountaintop.


Although the capital has its charm the place that draws me back time and again is the Caribbean Coast.  This area has it all, the sandy beaches, the Jungle, forests and cloud forests all the way up to the snow peaks.


I’m not sure if I chose Colombia or Colombia chose me. From the moment I arrived the kindness of the people, the diversity of the landscapes and the excitement of adventure captured my heart. This country really does have it all. I could be dancing the night away in Bogota, swimming under the stars on a secluded beach watching the plantain glisten or trekking up the highest coastal mounting in the world while discovering waterfalls.  In the next posts we’ll share with you more about this amazing place and the people behind them.


We have some great adventures in Colombia and I can't wait to add even more. If you would like to come exploring with us check out: Colombia




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