AdAstra Discovery Adventures!

Are you looking to reconnect with nature? take some time out to think about your journey? or simply remember to slow down and breathe? Then this is the adventure for you. We take away technology, embrace nature, and embark on some challenging adventure activities. We combine yoga, trekking, and group exercises in one of the world's most beautiful, untouched places, to help you reconnect. 

We aren't here to tell you what your journey should be, but with these adventures, we aim to give you the mental and physical challenges, and the emotional space, for you to start working it out. 

Discovery Adventure Options


Group Adventures

Pick from one of our group holidays with fixed dates and price. These are perfect if you're traveling solo, or with a small group, and you want to meet like-minded people.


Private Discovery Holiday

If you have a specific destination in mind, want to travel on different dates, or with a private group, get in touch and we'll work with you to design your perfect adventure.